Provisions & Stores Position

Assistant Storekeeper

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Storekeeper is responsible of a warehouse inventory location, including receiving, storing,

inventorying and issuing of Food and Beverage and Hotel related items.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

Essential Responsibilities:

 Responsible of Receiving, Storing, and Issuing Food, Beverage, Hotel, or Cleaning Products

used by the Food Department.

 Must participate in the Loading of all products necessary to the operation of the Food Dept.

 Ensures requisitions are prepared and delivered in a timely manner and in accordance with the

requisition timetable.

 Ensure appropriate FIFO Rotation is in place in his area and report any issue to the Procurement


 Must, according to schedule, participate in the cleaning of all storage facilities according to the

Public Health procedures and standards.

 Takes scheduled and end of voyage physical inventory of his store according to the Procurement

Manager instruction.

 Individual responsibilities will be assigned by the Head Storekeeper / Procurement Manager

and the Food & Beverage Director with on the job training concerning the cleaning and

sanitation procedures.

 Must be knowledgeable with all the cleaning materials and chemicals, taking the necessary

precautions to avoid any bodily injuries or damages to the Ship’s Property.

 Must report for duties on assigned times; follow his/her Superiors instructions in line with the

Company’s Rules and Regulations.