Management Position

Sanitation Supervisor

Job Summary

The Sanitation Supervisor supervises the overall cleanliness of all Galley outlets, pot wash and dish wash areas along with related locations assigned to the F&B Department.

Essential Responsibilities:

 Responsible for the cleaning operation for all equipment and machinery within the Food &

Beverage department including but not limited to Galley outlets, Galley consumables and all work

orders in all Galleys, Outlets and Crew dining areas.

 Supervises the daily cleaning procedures and maintenance of all Galleys, Outlets, Bars and Crew

dining areas ensuring compliance with company policies and the latest Health and Sanitation

regulations (USPH) at all times.

 Monitors the implementation, regulation and monitoring of USPH standards onboard and ensures

they are being adhered to.

 Supervises and supports the dish wash areas during peak periods and supervises to minimize the

loss of and breakage of tableware.

 Ensures all Galley outlets have the correct Cleaning materials on a daily basis and records to assist

in maintaining knowledge of stock levels.

 Reports significant public health issues to the Hotel Director, Executive Chef and nominated Public

Officer ashore.

 Ensure Integrated Pest Management procedures are followed at all times.

 Records any breakages or losses of tableware to ensure stock levels are well maintained.

 Responsible for ensuring that all cleaning supplies and consumables are used economically and

wastage is minimized.

 Ensure cleaning team members work according to the standards set out by USPH and HACCP.

 Responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of all cleaning team members.

 Reports to Technical department any defects or repairs that affect the daily operation in the galley

and that potentially violate USPH and/or SMS requirements.

 Monitors work schedules for all cleaning team members taking into account ILO Work and Rest

hours ensuring guidelines are adhered to.