Management Position

Provision Master

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Provision Master is to assist the Assistant F&B Director in managing the onboard Procurement Operation by providing on the floor control of the store keeper, accurate issuances and inventories.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Possess in-depth knowledge of the overall Culinary experience and the entire hotel operation onboard all vessels.

• Supervise and coordinate the day-to-day activities of all staff involved with receiving, storing, inventorying and issuance of food and beverage items and related supplies.

• Assist the Assistant F&B Director and Hotel Controller to ensure the accuracy of the established par levels by communicating consumption trend changes.

• Conduct frequent inspections of highly perishable merchandise and seek advice and support from the culinary team if uncertain.

• Ensure requisitions are prepared in a timely manner and in accordance with the requisition timetable.

• Ensure appropriate FIFO rotation is in place and monitor expiration logs of products.

• Conduct the inventory of the thawing rooms (Location 21/05) with the Head Butcher and Chef de Partie Fish.

• Perform necessary spot checks in order to avoid inventory variances.

• Supervise the entire loading operation inside the store rooms with the support of the Sanitation Officer

• Demonstrate proper operation of all equipment to staff, including personnel assigned who are not permanently assigned to the storerooms.

• Ensure a safe working environment.

• Conduct scheduled and end of voyage physical inventory, including high cost items, meat and fish thawing rooms, according to the Hotel Controller inventory schedule.

• Analyze discrepancies in inventory.

• Assist the Assistant F&B Director and Hotel Controller in preparing all food, beverage and hotel orders in a timely and accurate manner by providing constant feedback.