Management Position

Pastry Sous Chef

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Sous Chef Pastry is the second in command in the Pastry Department, and his primary responsibility is to assist the Pastry Chef in effectively supervising and managing the onboard Pastry and Bakery Production.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Ensure that Quality Standards and Procedures are in line with company Rules and Regulations.

• Ensure that pastry personnel is guided and trained to increase productivity..

• Manage the food production operation in all outlets for the Pastry and Bakery Department in a smooth and efficient manner.

• Responsible for the Pastry production for the Buffet area.

• Assist the Pastry Chef with any additional assignments.

• Ensure that menus, recipes, guidelines, and methods provided by the Corporate Pastry Chef are followed accordingly.

• Maintain and ensure that Public Health regulations (US, Anvisa, Shipsan, Canadian, Australian, etc.) are followed at all times on board.

• Supervise and check all pastry outlets (Buffet, Specialty Restaurant, Afternoon Teatime), ensuring that standards are followed accordingly.

• Produce and maintain the expected level of food quality in assigned area of responsibility.

• Analyze recipes constantly for any possible improvements.

• Assure on-going training, following set standards.

• Work closely with the Kitchen Steward to accomplish tasks related to inventory, equipment control and maintenance, Public Health Sanitation Rules and Regulations, and training and re-enforcement.

• Oversee the electronic requisitioning and ordering process to ensure the proper use of ingredients.

• Possess good guest-interaction skills and deal with feedback received.

• Supervise the stores frequently to monitor the Pastry items and highly perishable products.

• Ensure that the Pastry & Bakery Department are productive and operated with the least supervision required from the Executive and Senior Executive Chef.

• Provide Crew and Staff Mess with a selection of pastries and bakery goods for all meals.