Management Position

Pastry Chef

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Pastry Chef is to be accountable for the financial running, quality production and operational management of all Patisserie and Bakery venues onboard.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Project the image of a confident manager.

• Maintain a structured department.

• Utilize exceptional time management skills.

• Encourage subordinates to expend the maximum use of the fresh products available to achieve the best results for the recipes compiled by the Corporate Pastry Chef.

• Improvise and be creative on menu items when the need arises.

• Develop and comply with the systems, procedures, rules, objectives and timelines set by the organization.

• Take a disciplined approach when undertaking tasks.

• Provide the best possible solution to problems.

• Consider problems as a challenge.

• Collect information relevant to a problem, determine the root cause, identify and develop a practical solution, communicate the findings, and implement action to resolve the problem.

• Be systematic and logical in the approach to decision making.

• Ensure that all necessary facts and information are available and accurate, and the decision made is carefully considered.

• Create a positive and innovative atmosphere.

• Encourage people to commit themselves to the task at hand and go above and beyond what’s expected in order to achieve key objectives.

• Motivate people to do their best by using positive reinforcement.

• Assert authority when necessary.

• Strive to follow timelines and meet deadlines to overcome problems.

• Be proactive in the work environment.

• Manage the food production operation in all outlets for the Pastry and Bakery Department in a smooth and efficient manner.