Management Position

Maitre D’

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Maitre D’ is to ensure quality service to the guests by leading and motivating the team of his allocated restaurant as well as any other service outlets that is assign during the day.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Coach and train employees.

• Plan and assign duties to subordinates

• Handle guest issues, and take proactive measures to avoid issues.

• Ensure an overall pleasant dining experience.

• Display appropriate body language when communicating with guests and crew.

• Possess thorough knowledge of the company operations policies as described in the Restaurant Operations Manual.

• Exhibit the company service culture, by being polite, courteous, and accommodating at all times.

• Possess knowledge of Food Operations such as menu knowledge, cooking methods applied, menu cycles and presentation standards.

• Remain confident when dealing with negative situations, convince others to have ideas and create new options.

• Provide supervision in different outlets as assigned.

• Practice professional and clear communication skills.

• Monitor supervisor performance, using correct language and ensuring fairness and respect to all.

• Ensure that procedures are in place for using expensive equipment to minimize breakage.

• Maintain the par level in place.

• Inform the Restaurant Manager of all guest issues such as special requests, suggestions and complaints.