Management Position

Kitchen Steward

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Kitchen Steward is to supervise the overall cleanliness of the Galley Outlets/Pot wash and Dish wash areas and any related locations assigned to the Food & Beverage Department.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Provide proper training and guidance to subordinates.

• Supervise the cleanliness of all Galley Outlets, Pot washing & Dish washing locations and any adjacent areas assigned to the Food & Beverage Department to comply with Public Health regulations (US, Anvisa, Shipsan, Canadian, Australian, etc.) are followed at all times on board.

• Responsible for the cleanliness of all galley Storage Areas (Galley Locker, Chemical locker, cleaning lockers).

• Maintain the cleanliness and working condition of all Cleaning and Washing equipment.

• Report any damages or malfunctions to the Sanitation Officer

• Supervise and support the dish wash areas during the peak hours to assist the Utility team and to prevent loss of and breakage.

• Provide all Galley Outlets with the necessary cleaning materials & chemicals on a daily basis.

• Submit the required Electronic Requisition.

• Assist the procurement team to evaluate the janitorial, chemical and cleaning supply consumption.

• Evaluate related par levels and orders to ensure a consistent chain of supply is maintained.

• Control the garbage segregation system according to company policy, and train staff accordingly.

• Ensure Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures are followed.

• Assist the Sanitation Officer in maintaining any documentation required and provide follow up.

• Monitor breakage of equipment, chinaware and glassware and record on a Breakage List.

• Report broken equipment on an Issuetrax request.

• Communicate with the personnel involved to maintain an efficient working condition of the equipment.

• Possess full understanding of how the TAR operates,

• Monitor the daily working and resting hours of all subordinates.

• Ensure accuracy and check all entries according to TAR policies.