Management Position

Executive Housekeeper

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Chief Housekeeper is to ensure guest satisfaction by delivering world class in-suite and hotel public areas service with the highest standards of cleanliness.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Inform the General Manager and Food and Beverage Director promptly of all relevant matters.

• Maintain cleanliness of all indoor areas of the ship.

• Maintain the highest standard of cleanliness in all Guest Staterooms and Suites.

• Maintain the highest standard of cleanliness in assigned Public Areas for Guests and Crew.

• Ensure high standard of laundry operation by daily checking on the condition of the Main Laundry and quality of product delivered.

• Manage the laundry operation, providing full assistance to Laundry Manager.

• Ensure that all Housekeeping areas are properly staffed, equipped (up to required par levels) and set up. Maintain cleanliness and stocking of all pantries and lockers.

• Ensure cleanliness and maintenance of all Officers, Crew cabins (entitled to service) and crew areas.

• Supervise the cleaning of suites/ staterooms.

• Inspect suites/ staterooms on a regular basis.

• Conduct recorded inspections of suites, public areas, crew cabins and crew areas.