Management Position

Chef De Cuisine

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Chef de Cuisine is to maintain an efficient operation in an assigned production area, by constantly analyzing quality and cost of food production.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

• Maintain set budget and monitor time management.

• Provide ongoing training and ensure that the standards set by the Corporate Offices are followed.

• Ensure safe, quality food products and complete guest satisfaction.

• Maintain control on the floor using a hands-on approach.

• Work within organizational requirements, being systematic and factual when dealing with colleagues.

• Handle conflict with logic until a solution is achieved.

• Evaluate situations, calculate and reduce risk, justify and defend correctness, give reasons for views and provide shrewd judgment in any situation.

• Generate monitoring systems that determine whether the organization is achieving the sett company objectives.

• Ensure that corrective action plans are formulated and implemented.

• Ensure the quality and standards of all tasks undertaken.

• Resolve problems in a timely and thorough manner.

• Provide practical advice and solutions to problems.

• Ensure that tasks are completed, loose ends are tied up and the job is completed.

• Seek direction and authority from others when needed.

• Ensure full adherence within assigned area, to menus, recipes, methods and operational specifics provided by the company.

• Maintain an efficient flow of production.

• Conduct food tastings on a daily basis.

• Correct discrepancies (quality, taste, appearance) immediately.

• Fully responsible of the creativity of destination dishes when applicable.

• Monitor and assist Section Heads to prepare the daily electronic food requisitions according to the forecasted figures.

• Conduct the Dinner Service Line in assigned location.