Management Position

Assistant Chief Housekeeper

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Chief Housekeeper is to assist the Chief Housekeeper in the efficient running of the Housekeeping Department in line with company standards, rules and regulations.

Knowledge, experience, skill, and/or ability

We are looking for an Assistant Executive Housekeeper.

What You’ll be Up to :
● Supervises and monitors the execution of the work schedule as set by the Executive
● Assist the Executive Housekeeper to oversee the daily operations and duties
● Assist the Executive Housekeeper in conducting inspections of passenger and crew
areas ensuring high standards are maintained
● Responsible for ensuring Guests complaints and requests are acted on in a prompt and
efficient matter
● Responsible for the organization and supervision for handling and delivery of guest
● Ensures proper tracking of uniforms issued to crewmembers
● Maintains detailed and correct administration and inventory of items delivered through
outside vendors
● Assist Executive Housekeeper in ensuring all administrative and back of house functions
are completed on time and accurately
● Assist in managing, training, and coaching the Housekeeping / Laundry crew to required
companies standard
● Monitors machinery within the Housekeeping and Laundry departments and report any
malfunctioning equipment